That breathing! A Real Ghost Story

My Real Ghost Story Began….

When I was a 23 or 24 year old young adult when I moved from Edinburgh to live with my mother and her new husband Adrian in Cardiff South Wales. The house we moved to was in serious need of repair and as I was a plumber and good at building and renovating I offered to assist in the complete refurbishment of the house. Adrian was a printer and worked a full time job each day coming home to continue work on the house in the evenings. He worked long hours into the evening and went to his own mums house to shower and sleep as the house we were renovating was not suitable to live in and prepare himself for work in e morning. A decision was made that we would prepare one bedroom at the front of the house so that my mother my younger brother and I could at least have a clean room to sleep in. The house was a two bedroom terraced house with bedrooms upstairs to the rear of the house and to the front. There was a bathroom to the rear upstairs also. Downstairs from the front entrance you walked in to the stairs going up with the front living room to the left and we had opened up the rear dining area to the back with the gally kitchen to the very rear of the house. These are typical of Moët terrace in Cardiff. The front bedroom where we were sleeping was an L shaped room with two windows on the front elevation and the door to the bedroom was at the very far right of the horizontal of the capital L.

As the house was covered in dust we decided to sleep on camp beds. There were three camp beds separated by a few feet in a row at the top of the L shape ( all heads at the top) so we could not see the door unless we physically got up and walked to the bottom of the L shaped room. It was a normal night, Adrian had finished up and gone to his mothers and me, my brother and mother all retired to our separate camp beds to sleep. I was used to going to sleep whilst my mother read into the wee hours of the morning but this one evening turned out to be very different. At around 2am I was abruptly awakened by a cacophony of noise and my mother shaking me violently and screaming in a loud but suppressed throated warning, as if not to be heard but shouting …


As my ears come into focus I started to make sense of all the sounds that were happening. The first recognizable sound was the noise of the two budgies that we had in the back bedroom squeaking very loudly as if there was a cat killing them in their cage. The noise of the budgies sounded like they were very distressed.. The noise of their win uk ghost story gs beating against the wire cage echoed throughout the bedrooms.. On top of this was my mother’s continued desperate attempts to get me to listen with her.. As I sat up in my camp bed the budgies all of a sudden stopped their squeaking and sparring! As if they had been silenced, my mother also stopped and in the second that passed the most horrifying noise I have ever heard started from the corner of the L shape just out of sight but most definitely in the room with us.

The noise was a very loud throaty breathing rasp- IN and OUT, IN and OUT as if deliberately trying to frighten us.. The breathing went on for what seemed to be around 15 or 20 seconds by which time I was looking at my mother and trying to say, ” what is that? ” but my words would not leave my own mouth.  As the terror released me that something or someone was in the room with us and standing between us and the only exit. When the breathing suddenly stopped I kept over my mothers camp bed and awakened my brother desperately trying to get him up quickly to accompany me to the foot of the room to see what this was.. We slid along the window wall terrified to what we might see and found nothing but the closed bedroom door.. We opened the door and ran to the back room where the budgies were sitting fine on their perch.. We checked the bathroom and then made our way down stairs checking the front send back doors to ensure they were not breached.. Both doors were locked.. We had an attic hatch door right above the bedroom door that we were sleeping in and assumed someone must be in he attic.. I pulled the ladder to the attic a proceeded to climb it.. I placed my five fingers of my right hand against the hatch and up clipped the hatch door with a soft push and release.. I pulled down the attic ladder and step by step climbed until my eyes were above the attic hatch door and I was looking across the floor of the inky black attic.. Nervous, terrified and scared out my wits I could not determine anything at all but was hasty in my retreat down he ladder. All I wanted to do was get out the house but we had a cup of tea and all sat up wondering what we had just witnessed.. Then it dawned on me.. What was it that made my mother waken me I. The first place? So I asked her and she replied … That breathing!