Ghost Driver

To give you some background I am a 29 year old male and live in England this happen to me when I was about 18 I had recently broke my leg I was no longer in a cast but I was still using crutches this will become important later in the story.

A mate of mine was sleeping over at my house. So we ended up staying up late watching TV playing on my PS2 things like that.
Anyway it was about 3 a.m. when we decided to go down to the local 24 hour petrol station (That’s what we call Gas Stations in England) to get some cigarettes and snacks. The petrol station was about half a mile away and to get to the station you had to walk along a cycle path that was right next to the main road and you had to go down hill to get there and up hill to get back.

Anyway we were about halfway there when suddenly we both felt something was wrong as we noticed a car ghost drives car coming very slowly down the hill towards us. Everything about the car was weird It was an old 70s looking American car a Chevrolet or Chrysler or something like that seeing a car like that is very unusual where I live, the car was all black and it had no lights on and no licence plates and all the windows were open then it slowed down to a snail’s pace as it past us as if it was checking us out.

And this is where it gets really creepy as it slowed right past us and we could see straight into the car but we could not see any people in it at all and there was no internal lighting but It was a very bright night with a full moon and there were street lights all down that stretch of road so we should have at least been able to been able to see something with the windows being down but nothing just darkness.

Then suddenly the car flew off down the hill very high speed as it turned around at the roundabout at the bottom of the hill and came haring like a bat out of hell straight towards us. We had nowhere to run because you could only go up or down the hill and at the side of the path were tall thick thorny bushes and I was still hobbling on one leg with crutches so we were pretty much trapped.

In pure panic we jumped as fast as we could into the thorny bushes cutting ourselves something nasty as were hiding in the bushes the car slowed right down again it looked like they where looking for us. At this point we were so scared as the car hung around for a few more seconds then it drove back up the hill.

We waited a couple of minutes in the bush before we dared to come out needless to say we went straight home as fast as we could with me on crutches I don’t know what or who was in that car quite frankly I don’t think I want too!