Haunted Real Estate, Things you Should Know

Haunted house for sale…. Beware.

Ever heard of curiosity killing the cat? With the Sallie House recently being put up for sale for a whopping $750,000, haunted real estate is big right now! sallie house for sale Three years ago I purchased one of the most haunted houses in Pennsylvania, the Welles House, Wilkes Barre.  Initially I thought it would be great to have my own haunted house due to my interest in the paranormal, however I did not imagine that the number of nightmares it would cause for me in the future.

Are you prepared for paranormal activity?

As interesting as it may seem to own a haunted house, you should ask yourself are you really prepared to deal with paranormal activity potentially on a daily basis. From my own experience I was not equipped psychologically to deal with the paranormal activity from Wilkes Barre house. The Welles House was unbearable to be in at times due to the overwhelming heavy, dark, and depressing atmosphere that hovered over the house like dark clouds in a sky that would never move. Besides the feelings of uneasiness in the home one of the most disturbing aspects of the paranormal activity would be having the dark presence (demon) show up at my house in California, 2000 miles away. Having my family experience paranormal events at my home in California, because of my selfish motives of wanting to buy a haunted house is something that I am still trying to self-reconcile to this day.  I found out very quickly that it is one thing to visit, and another to conduct a paranormal investigation at a place that you do not own, than a place you own.

Unwanted Media.

Due to the haunted reputation of my home, and all of the recent press, break-ins started occurring at an alarming rate.  To combat the break-in I installed a security system but that did not seem to be the slightest deterrent for people seeking their own paranormal experience. Within the first couple of months the house in Wilkes-Barre had been broken into a dozen of times, welles house for sale which had cost me thousands of dollars; in repairs on doors, windows, and irreparable damage to the parts of the historic home.  This seems not only to be problem for my haunted house but others such as the Sallie House in Atchison KS which has been the site for multiple break-ins.

Haunted Tours, hold up.

Thinking of running haunted tours at your haunted home, well not so fast.  Cities, and states have zoning, codes, and ordinances which could prevent you from running haunted tours and paid paranormal investigations in your house.  In my case I didn’t even want to run tours in my home due to the fact the paranormal activity was so dark that I didn’t even want to expose anyone to it.

Are you okay with strangers being alone in your home performing investigations?  What happens when someone you let in your haunted house attraction hurts them self, or another, such as the case with Villisca man who stabbed himself during a paranormal investigation.

paranormal activity house for sale

Was it worth it?

These are just some of the things that affected me when I purchased my haunted house three years ago.  Not one day goes by were I am asked, “was it worth it?” “Would you buy another haunted house?” I often reflect on the life changing paranormal experiences that others and myself had in the home and weigh those with negative things that came with purchasing the house. It’s a tough decision that only a few should make.

6 thoughts on “Haunted Real Estate, Things you Should Know”

  1. excellent article! I don’t know if I could purchase a haunted house and thank you for sharing your experience. Does the house still haunt you?

  2. Hey Spook the house doesn’t haunt me anymore however the memories that I had in there being attacked by the entity do. Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Tim! If the Sallie House is selling for such a high price because it’s haunted, couldn’t you sell the Welles House and make a big profit?

  4. I see that the Amityville House is now also up for sale again. I wonder who will buy it?
    I dont think living in homes with these famed reputations would be easy.
    I had a dark entity visiting me for years as i grew up, it was scary stuff.
    People that do own and live in these places are very brave – both physically but more importantly emotionally as the toll the stress brings is immeasurable.
    Thanks Tim for the article. Your Welles House will be an amazing home if you the dark forces that reside there ever leave.
    Scary stuff to read about the visit you and your family had in California 🙁 takecare!

  5. If I could I would buy it, to bad I don’t have a bunch of rich friends to go in together…would love to investigate your place Tim.

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