45afabd921fabdcea9e710d25262a415Did you ever watch a LiveSciFi show and think, “Man, I’d love to do that”? Ever imagine yourself being there while Tim and the team are exploring a notoriously haunted location? Ever wish you could be a part of the LiveSciFi team? Well today’s your lucky day, because we’ve got the contest of a lifetime for you!

LiveSciFi is offering one lucky viewer the chance to participate for one night during the investigation of the Hinsdale House in April. All you have to do is Tweet. Here’s how it works.

First, make sure you’re following @livescifi on Twitter. Then, RT the pinned Tweet about the contest to your followers. Finally, reply to the pinned Tweet and tell us why we should pick you. Explain to us in 140 characters or less why you should be part of the Hinsdale investigation. Be creative. Be bold. Be yourself. We’ll go through and select the best response—and the person who’ll be accompanying us for one terrifying night in Hinsdale House. This isn’t a random drawing, so think carefully before you Tweet your response. We’ll announce the winner next Friday night, March 31, 2017, so get your entries in by March 30.

Keep in mind—we’ll be investigating both inside the house and at external sites on the property. We’ll be in the woods, in New York, in April. It will be cold, wet, and messy especially at night. And then, too, there are…you know…ghosts. The viewer who’s selected will be asked to participate in multiple aspects of the investigation. If you can’t handle the conditions, this isn’t the place for you to find that out.

Who knows? You may end up as part of the LiveSciFi team. So here’s your chance! Head on over to Twitter and get your entry in, and we may see YOU in Hinsdale.