If you’ve been following the escapades of LiveSciFi this summer, then you already know about the Zozo experiment that LSF founder/lead investigator Tim Wood and LSF researcher and author Celina Summers conducted.

But you don’t know the whole story. The entire experiment was documented in their new book Stalked by the Zozo Demon: A Real Life Paranormal Experiment, which will be released on September 29, 2017. What happened during the experiment–and after–affected both researchers deeply.

And the conclusions they reached are both astonishing and disturbing.

Zozo, most commonly known as the Ouija board demon, has been a frequent visitor on LSF investigations. Over the past decade, Zozo has gained worldwide notoriety as the internet perpetuated and added to the public awareness of the entity. Wood and Summers came up with the idea to see what would happen if the entity was contacted every night. Would they get consistent communication? Would paranormal activity or backlash occur? What parameters could they change as they tried to narrow down what the entity that called itself Zozo actually was.

So they chose a non-haunted and empty location to work in, determined what trigger objects or protections to employ, and set the controls for each night of the experiment. The two researchers had differing opinions about Zozo going into the project: Summers thought Zozo was an internet-generated phenomenon…a myth. Wood believed Zozo was a demonic entity. The experiment was intended to prove one of them right.

SBTZD chronicles the Zozo experiment from June 21, when Wood conducted his first Ouija session, to the end of August, when both Wood and Summers investigated Goatman’s Bridge in Denton, Texas. Every investigation was live-streamed on the LSF YouTube channel. Every investigation was documented and transcribed word for word. Every investigation resulted in paranormal evidence. As Summers began to dig through Tim Wood’s history with the paranormal and particularly the Zozo entity, disturbing trends began to emerge from his story…and even darker ties to the present and the experiment began to emerge.

At the end of that month, Summers and Wood thought the experiment was over and worked on their conclusions to publish. But the demonic had other ideas. What resulted was a web of demonic influence, paranormal activity, and supernatural backlash that impacted two subsequent investigations, the two researchers, and other people around them.

“Some of the events we relate over the course of the experiment are, in our opinion, potentially dangerous,” Summers said. “That should give anyone a good idea of how alarming the information we didn’t share could potentially be.”

Both authors have been researching the Zozo entity for years–Summers through extensive research and Wood through communication. Bringing those two points of view together made for an interesting experiment and an even more interesting book. Recently, Summers and Wood did an interview with Dave Schraeder at Beyond the Darkness during which they discussed their differing approaches, related some of their experiences and expounded upon their theories.

Stalked By The Zozo Demon will be available on all major online book retailers. The book is $4.99 for digital versions and $12.95 for paperback.