Real Demon Drawings by Medium Kristin Manning

real demon drawings kristin manning ghost town terror

For her entire life, Kristin Manning has had psychic gifts that have enabled her to real demon drawings, and sketches of the dead. She has also been blessed with the gift of doing portraits as a trained artist. Kristin now uses both her abilities as a clairvoyant medium and her artistic abilities to help the living better understand the dead and other paranormal energies that may affect them.

Over the past 10 years, Kristin has appeared on paranormal investigations using her abilities; drawing demons, sketching ghosts, and other energies that help clarify why a particular location may be haunted. She has also appeared on Travel Channel’s, “Ghost Town Terror” as a medium.

Drawings of Demons, Ghosts, and Hauntings

Some of these psychic illustrations are disturbing in nature, they show real drawings of demons, sketches of ghosts, and other psychic visions that the living simply weren’t meant to see. These paranormal psychic interpretations are from Kristin of paranormal activity at numerous haunted locations.

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