We are, As Real as it Gets

Tim Wood and livescifi.tv’s paranormal journey began May of 2006,   livescifi.tv is recognized as the leader in producing and broadcasting ghost hunting, paranormal videos, to millions of viewers worldwide. livescifi.tv provides reality based, live-content, which is focused on reality based (horror, paranormal, creepypasta, ghost) enthusiasts with an interactive, live, broadcasting platform. We let our viewers actively participate, and interact with us at haunted locations.

What We Do

Our vision is to continue to make our broadcasting platform and viewing experience the best in the industry. Our weekly scariest ouija board experience
broadcasted show, “In Search of the Paranormal“, was selected in its first month to be one of first Justin.tv beta shows. Since then, livescifi.tv has gained top honors from; Justin.tv, Ustream, Yahoo, and livesstream, Youtube and has combined for over 50 million views world wide as it continues to grow in popularity. Our Youtube channel has over 210,000 subscribers, 30,000,000 million views and is regarded as the top paranormal channel.

Some of the exciting content that we currently broadcast and host video on demand is:

  • Live ghost hunts, and paranormal investigations
  • Talk shows (horror, paranormal, ghost sightings, paranormal experiences, exorcisms, demons, ghosts)
  • Paranormal Videos
  • Horror Movie Reviews
  • Creepypasta Rituals and Stories

How To Watch

Currently you can watch our live paranormal shows, paranormal videos, demon, ghost, and talk shows on our Youtube channel. Every week we broadcast new shows, and all of our video on demand content is maintained daily. To find our upcoming live paranormal shows visit our channel page, and look for upcoming events.