Recently YouTube has made it harder for content creators like liveScifi to generate much needed revenue off ads so that we can fund our shows.  Because we are not viewed as advertiser friendly, many of our videos on YouTube are no longer monetized.

In order to keep our shows going such as the Hinsdale House broadcast in April we need your help! If we are able to raise $2000 to fund the show the broadcast will be completely ad free.  If you would like to contribute to help us by new equipment and also for travel, and filming costs we would really appreciate it. If company or business is interested in sponsoring us please email us at

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed so far, thank you.

Tim !

April – Hinsdale House Broadcast Donations

David Espinosa $100.00

Charles Kilgus  $100.00

Sharon Longhi $60.00

Melanie Torres  $50.00

Lisa Sanchez $50.00

Kristen Manning $50.00

Lisa Perry $50.00

Jennifer Wold $50.00

David Heaton  $25.00

Casey Sills $20.00

Carisa Kelly $20.00

Iris Cruz $20.00

Michael Rodriguez $20.00

Nicole Young  $10.00

Karen Gallegos  $10.00

Aryon Llewellyn  $10.00

Jennifer Bertrand  $10.00

Kyle Kettell $6.66

Leanna Moua  $6.66

Brittany Navas $6.00