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The first livescifi.tv ghost hunt aired in 2006, and was the first POV livestream on the net.  Since then we have aired over a thousand livestreams from hundreds of reported haunted locations in the US.  We have been showcased on Justin.tv, Yahoo!, Ustream, Travel Channel, Machinima, and YouTube, were have aggregated over 400 million views.  We have devoted many paranormal articles and videos which feature ghosts, demons, rituals, ufos, ouija, zozo, occult, urban legends, and spirit communication methods.  Our platform is continually evolving as we  strive to document the existence of paranormal activity, collectively with our audience.

Currently our ghost hunts are broadcasted bi-weekly on livescifi.tv and on our YouTube Channel. If you miss a live broadcast our shows are instantly archived on YouTube.  To interact during the live broadcasts we recommend that you tweet us @livescifi so that we communicate with you during the broadcast.  We recommend that all viewer evidence captures are posted on our forums.  Whether you are skeptic or a believer in paranormal activity you are welcome!


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