The Demon House – Real Demonic Activity

The Demon House – Real Demonic Activity


The demon house has terrorized a family for years with violent paranormal activity. The family has claimed to witness shadow demonic figures, disembodied voices, poltergeist activity, blood dripping from walls, and physical attacks. Join me as we investigate this house for real demonic activity as we will investigating this house overnight. –

thanks to everyone who is posting timestamps!!

0:00​ Paranormal Investigation Starts

0:07:47​ Ghost Orb Caught on Video

0:18:24​ EVP “I’m not a Demon”

1:23:13​ Creepy EVP “Hello”

1:36:48​ Demonic EVP “No I don’t”

1:36:51​ Class A Demonic EVP “Im here”

1:41:47​ OUIJA Session

1:58:38​ Demon Identifies Itself (Molach)

2:05:00​ Ghost Morse Code (Decrypted Message, “i see tj”

2:18:08​ Creepy Unexplained Lullaby –

2:19:41​ Weird Anomaly (Ghost Caught on Cam)

2:39:54​ Mirror Scrying Session

2:55:52​ Attempting to Sleep in the Demon House

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