Creepy Ghost Pictures of 2012

Here is a compilation of some of our favorite, creepy ghost pictures of 2012 that were captured during our broadcasts! Thanks again to all of the viewers and moderators who capped and made these possible!



  1. jeffrey says:

    i brought all my stuff to kick ghost ass and nobody’s around …guess i’ll kick ass alone tonight…will post photos of the carnage tomorrow.

  2. Sorry…not overly impressed…:o(.

  3. Sarah Bland says:

    wouldn't say they were scary :.

  4. Mj Jose says:!/iMJayJose/media/slideshow? look at this picture 2012 near at the piano of my friend :/ scary follow back thank you..

  5. kirsty aka seventysangel75 says:

    wow some great photos there tim thanks for sharing 

  6. kirsty aka seventysangel75 says:

    and great evidence for sure thumbs up :)

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