Haunted McEwan Road of Port Costa

Haunted McEwan Road Port Costa and the Lady in Red

Thousands of people who have once traveled on McEwan Road swear to haunted by the “Lady in Red”.   The Lady in Red ghost is said to haunt the creepy road down to Port Costa between the hours of 12am to 4am. The haunted Mcewan Road is one of the most dangerous roads in the bay area to its bends and curves and has taken the lives of many bicyclists, and motorists over the years.  It is believed that the Lady in Red might of died on the road, due to a car accident.  Another belief is that the she might of worked at the Burlington Hotel in the late 1800’s when it was a functioning Bordello.

lady in red ghost picture mcewan road
Lady in Red Ghost Cell phone Capture on Mcewan Rd.

Lady in Red Ghost Story

About 10 years ago a close friend of mine had an experience with the “lady in red” after traveling home from a paranormal investigation we conducted at the Burlington Hotel. She described driving down the winding road, after a long period of time she believed that she had gotten lost. After traveling down the road for over an hour suddenly began to panic, after a few moments of panic a lady appeared on the side of the road walking a dog. She immediately thought it would be a good idea to ask the lady how to get to the highway. So she pulled her car up to the lady and started to roll her window down, as she came to a complete stop and the lady turned around.  The lady in red appeared to be walking abnormally with her dog, my friend then said “hello”.  It However the lady continued to walk her dog.  My friend said she had then said “hello” three time before the lady would turn around.  On the third hello the lady in red stopped, and peered over to my friend in the car.  As she began to turn her head my friend began to notice something strange, the lady in red’s eyes were glowing green.  As soon

ghost sighting mcewan road port costa
Ghost Sighting on McEwan Road

as she saw this my friend slammed on the gas and not more than 2 minutes later she was back to the highway. Thedistance from the start of McEwan Road to Port Costa is only 3 miles yet it took her 2 hours to travel that distance..Where did the time go?

McEwan Road Paranormal Investigation

After hearing this story, I decided to travel the road alone at midnight with our viewers. I have to say that this road is one of the most haunted roads after what happened that night.

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