Is the Movie Sinister based on a true story?

Coming out in fall of 2012 from the producers of the movies Insidious and Paranormal Activity, is a chilling supernatural movie based upon a true crime writer who discovers a set of home movies which suddenly cause an unfortunate series of supernatural demonic events. From what he can see Ethan Hawke stars in this film along with a demon that goes by the name of Bagul / Ba – gul / Baghoul. There are no accounts or mention in any religious texts based upon our research that Bagul ever existed.

The movie isn’t based upon real events or story and is fictional, however this doesn’t mean that a demon similar to the one in the movie doesn’t exist. To learn more about how and what the Bagul is depicted after click here.


  1. there was a book like that i read as a kid aliens come to earth and use there tech to introduce us to our myths and legends and there's this bit were god is on a talk show talking about how he created us so we could create him or something like that

  2. Just because the film wasn't based on any true events nor or is fiction, doesn't mean that demons don't exist. Because they do. If you believe there is a God there has to be a Devil, Good & Evil both exist. Like old horror films that some are based on true events , especially The Possession was one of them. So don't say its all necessarily fiction.