Filipino Demons, Monsters, and Gods

malphas demon

Filipino Demons, Monsters, and Evil Gods

Akop – evil entity known to prey on windows

Angul – evil entity known to kill people with an ax

Anlabbang – a demonic entity known to cause fights

Apo – A demonic entity known to eat the kidneys of people who die specifically of dysenteryfilipino demons and gods

Bulanglang – A demonic entity ?

Bumalin – An evil god to the underworld

Hukloban – A female demonic entity which destroys structures

Ibwa – an evil entity which likes to devour human remains

Inarxay – A demonic entity known to eat people in the fall months

Kadongayan – a spirit known to prey on the dead

Kakayan – a demonic entity which tempts people to do evil deeds

Kibayen – a murderous spirit which appears during ceremonies

Managamian – a murderous spirit

Mankukulam – similiar to pyro, a demonic spirit which uses fire burn down structures and cause pain

Maxablay – a evil entity which attacks in the late fall, and winter months

Xa-Mul – an evil entity which causes physical pain with its teeth.