Ghosts of the San Remo Hotel

Haunted San Remo Hotel

The city is of San Francisco has numerous hotels that are believed to haunted.  One hotel that is extremely haunted that doesn’t get much attention however is the San Remo.  The haunted San Remo hotel was originally named The “Californian Hotel”. It was built in San Francisco several months after the 1906 earthquake by Bank of America founder A.P. Giannini built . The hotel was originally constructed to service the large immigrant workforce used to rebuild the city, also it served as a primary place of stay for merchant seaman, waterfront workers, poets, journalists and pensioners.

Many people believe that various rooms throughout the hotel are haunted. As history has it room #13, once housed an ex-prostitute who died of age and who whose body wasn’t uncovered until months after her death. Room #22 is also believed to be haunted by a male spirit who once committed suicide by slitting his wrists in hallway bathtub. Most witnesses report seeing various shadow figures, and apparitions of male and female spirits

san remo ghost photo
Ghost photo captured in the San Remo Hotel 2010

roaming the halls and rooms. But is the San Remo Hotel Haunted?

Paranormal Investigation

For our paranormal investigation of  the San Remo Hotel in San Francisco, we decided to book several of the haunted rooms and investigate them for paranormal activity. Being that we couldn’t book the whole hotel, we knew we that our EVP sessions would be limited. So we decided to instead focus documenting on our paranormal investigation using photo and video. Our photo session mostly utilized Infrared, and high speed shutter.  Later that night while reviewing the photos that we had captured we were absolutely shocked what had appeared in one of the photos that we had taken.  In one of the photos there is a transparent being that shows up.  The image appears to be that of a male, who is carrying a baby.  Could this the ghost from room #22 who was found dead in the bathtub after committing suicide?  We know for certain that no-one was coming out of the shared bathroom that is located in this hallway.

Besides the hallway we also picked up possible evidence of paranormal activity in room #13.  During our EVP sessions we picked up numerous natural magnetic anomalies, and hear objects move within the room.  The haunted San Remo hotel is an amazing place to stay in SF, that is loaded with paranormal activity.  If you get a chance you should definitely book a room.

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  1. Awesome picture you can clearly see what appears to be feet…Also one thing to note is that the human shape is super short when compared to the height of the walls as reference

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