Haunted Burlington Hotel Port Costa Paranormal Video

Burlington Hotel and Port Costa History

The haunted Burlington hotel is located in the California ghost town of Port Costa.  Located on the transcontinental railroad with its only modern day access being the haunted McEwan Road, the Burlington Hotel haunted burlington hotel opened for business in 1883.  Not much is known about the haunted hotel however it is reported that it served as a boarding school in the early 1900’s and later was used as a Bordello. The town of Port Costa was known by many to be an extremely lawless and rowdy town up until the 1960’s. Much of the towns buildings and houses were owned by a prominent family who purchased the land.   In the 1980’s many locals have stated that the hotel was also used for porn, and occult films.

Burlington Hotel Hauntings

The Burlington Hotel is believed to haunted by many ghosts and by a dark entity.  Many of the ghosts that are said to haunt the Burlington are that of the prostitutes that used to work in the building.  One of the psychics that we had brought to the hotel in 2005 picked up on several women spirits, including one who had hung herself in the hallway.  She also picked up an angry male spirit who she believed was one the managers at the Bordello.  Playful children spirits have also been reported at the hotel by numerous guests. We however do not think that the children are haunting this hotel rather we believe it to be something more sinister.  Walking inside the hotel it is quite easy to feel an overwhelming sadness, and darkness that inhabits the halls there.  Many people have complained of unexplained feelings of depression while staying at

burlington hotel
Burlington Hotel’s floor plan

the hotel.  Is this a hotel from hell? During our paranormal investigations we picked up numerous EVPs that appeared to be demonic in nature and one of our investigators was also physically attacked by an unseen force while laying on the bed.

Burlington Hotel Ghost Video