Ghost in the Barracks – A Real Military Ghost Story

This ghost story was submitted to our website by a reader, Spring 2018

During the Reagan Administration my brother was station with the U.S. Army in Germany at a joint military top secret command. He worked the graveyard shift and assigned a four man barracks room all to himself. After his shift he returned to his barracks room, locked the door, turned off the light and climb into his bunk. Although it was day light, the windows were all shut and well sealed from the light by blinds and curtains.

The Ghost in the Barrack Ghost Story

After getting settled under the covers, he heard someone out in the hallway walk army ghost story up to the door and then open it and walk inside. He was a little angry and surprised because he was sure he had locked that door. At the time he thought that perhaps someone had mistakenly entered the wrong room and would notice the mistake and leave. But whoever it was walked to the middle of the room, stopped, and then suddenly rush over to my brother’s bed, grabbed him and try to throw him out. Instinctively my brother pushed the intruder away. As he did he felt this person’s curly hair. Despite the room being very dark, my brother sensed this individual had dark curly hair. Was this a ghost in the barracks?

When he gathered himself, my brother looked up and around and the apparition or whatever it was had vanished. He quickly got out of bed and turned on the light and noticed the room completely empty and everything looked normal. He also noticed that the door was locked.

He went in to work that night and said to his coworkers, “Guess what happen to me in the barracks room this morning?” The other worker paused until one of them spoke up and replied, “I know, a ghost tried to throw you out of the bed. Right?” “Yeah,” said my brother. “How did you know that?” His coworker answered, “Now you know why you got that room all to yourself.” My brother came to learn that other soldiers assigned to that room had the same experience.  It seemed that the barracks was a building used by the German army as a field hospital in World War I. When the U.S. Army took over and establish a base there after WWII, military personnel reported paranormal and ghostly activity in the buildings and adjacent areas. One member reported waking up and seeing a man in German World War I uniform sitting on the edge of his bed looking at him before disappearing. Another man was able to see more clearly the entity that tried to throw him out of his bunk, and described it as a man dressed in German WWI uniform. One other soldier while in the barracks room heard a loud commotion out in the hallway. When looking out he said he saw a group of German WWII soldiers running down the hall with rifles as if responding to an emergency before fading away in the distance.

Is my ghost story real you ask?

The credibility of this story derives from the fact that I know well my brother. He never told me any story like this before and is not one to lie or joke around. He graduated from a university and served six (6) years honorably in the Army including reserve time. He currently works for the U.S. Federal Government in Los Angeles. While requesting to remain anonymous he gave me his blessing to tell the story to others and I know the experience he said he had really happen, whatever it was that happened. He is of a sound mind, has no history of hallucinations and was given a top secret clearance, a clearance the government would never issue to questionable or untrustworthy persons nor to those with mental issues or criminal backgrounds. My brother has a clean personal record. I am retired U.S. Navy. Personally I never had any paranormal experiences but during my early years in service while on a Western Pacific cruise another seaman from Kentucky told me in a mater a fact manner that during his mid-watch (midnight) he was in conversation with two other sailors. After a bit the sailors disappeared right in front of him. This bothered him and he began seeing the ship’s psychologist or an officer working in that capacity. He got so bad mentally that he ended up receiving an early discharge. Before the incident he had plans to make the Navy a career.  The ship we were on was the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. In the late 1960s the ship had an accident on the flight deck off the coast of Hawaii when a bomb exploded up there, killing many flight deck personnel.