3am demon attack

3 am Demon Attack – The Dangers of Summoning Demons

This ghost story was submitted to us by a reader, Spring 2018.  Demons are known to attack between the hours of 3AM to 4AM in an attempt to mock the holy trinity.

My name is Kimberly. I was an all American normal kid. Born in Minot, North Dakota.  I grew up  on a small farm till I was 10 years old, I now reside in  Bakersfield, CA

My 3 AM Demon Attack Story

As a child I was raised up in a Christian home. With the belief in God, the Devil, Angels and Demons. In my family some of us are gifted in some aspects of ESP, seeing spirits, and being sensitives. I remember seeing a Native American man sit on the foot of my bed night after night after night as a child. Never in fear just excepting that he must be family from a while back in the past. Usually I would see human spirits. Sometimes shadow beings but I was seldom lay was afraid since my mother had insured in me pray if your scared. They’ll go away.

It wasn’t until I was 15 years old that I began to get more curious into the darker side of the unexplainable. I was a dark child. I loved everything that had to do with warlocks and vampires.  There were many nights I would see shadow people. I also had countless visits from the old hag. In which I was pinned down to the bed. Unable to move a muscle. Not even able to make a peep, feeling hot breaths in my face with a hissing noise. It wasn’t until I could muster enough strength to get out a peep that this spirit/ thing would get off me. That was terrifying. But soon after these attacks happened. I started receiving nightly visits. By a young man who said his name was Daniel. He always showed himself as a gorgeous young man dressed in a black shirt with black slacks with flawless creamy ivory skin, light yellowish beautiful brown eyes. And Loose curly shoulder length brown hair I still see him in my minds eye he is complete angelic perfection. I’m even temped to call upon him now. Even though I know now he is a complete embodiment of Evil. Once evil truly gets its claws into you. It never lets go.

Not long after this young man began coming to me in nightly visits I was awoken to him being on top of me. In which he forced me to have sex with him. I was so frightened. I had never had sex before. But I reached a climax not humanly possible and I was left intrigued, truly it was exciting to me. It brought this strange feelings over heavy joy over me almost devious. This visits repeated nightly at first for about a year. Then tapered down to a couple times a week.  I remember being obsessed with Vladimir Tempes, and Aleister Crowley. So the research in magick began. I jumped in deep. Researching the 72 Goetic Demons of the Lesser Key of Solomon.

Did we summon ZoZo ?

I was so foolish. I thought I was so powerful. I remember friends coming over to demon possession ouija board spend the night.  We would go out to my play house ” where I had my alter” and also my Ouija board.  Every time we would use the board. The demon on the other side would make a figure 8 to let me know it was my Daniel. (I wonder now if my Daniel was actually the demon Zozo). This took place 24 years ago so little was known of the demon Zozo then.  Anyways I had a lamp that would hang from a hook in the ceiling with a long cord. I remember asking Daniel to move that cord and he would scaring the hell out of my friends  then in return the board would spell out  GO OUTSIDE repeatedly. My friends were so terrified. They would have to run threw the backyard to reach the main house to go home. The whole time I would be laughing at them.

This is were I took the leap into darkness. I can’t tell you why. I bought the Lesser Key Of Solomon, Why I began drawing Sigils on myself,  I always had one written in the palm of my hand. But shortly after studying these demons I decided to ask one to do my bidding. I was being bullied.  The demon did what it was asked. But after this things went bad for me. I began seeing shadow people walking my bed at night. The visits from Daniel were rough and angry leaving me scratched bruised and bitten. Scared to death I became a reborn Christian. I thought Christ would save me fix it all……lol.

The 3:00 am demon attack occurred later that night I came home. As soon as I got home I threw everything away that had to do with the occult, except for my Ouija Board, and planchette as it had disappeared.  Soon after  I got into bed with my cat and went to sleep. I was awoken at 3:00 AM by what sounded like a small bell. When I opened my eyes there was a flash of light.  Like from a camera. Except for the illumination stayed brightly lit. In front of the bedroom door stood a 7 foot tall demon dressed in a black cloak, he looked like a man that had all of his flesh burnt off his eyes were just black sockets. He had his arm stretched out  me and at the end in his hand there was a huge black dog. I sat up in bed thinking WHAT??????  When I did this. That dog growled.  By cat jumped up on my chest and clawed me really bad.  I started praying to Arch angel Michael. I guess at some point I passed out from exhaustion. The next thing I knew it was morning. I woke up thinking it was a horrible dream till I noticed my pajama’s stuck to my chest with dried blood.  I still have the scars to prove this happened.

I now work with the 72 higher Angels of the Realm.  My advice to anyone curious in the occult is don’t dabble in the darkness. Till this day I still have demon attacks that occur at 3 am but not often. Demons never give up on there marked.

army ghost story

Ghost in the Barracks – A Real Military Ghost Story

This ghost story was submitted to our website by a reader, Spring 2018

During the Reagan Administration my brother was station with the U.S. Army in Germany at a joint military top secret command. He worked the graveyard shift and assigned a four man barracks room all to himself. After his shift he returned to his barracks room, locked the door, turned off the light and climb into his bunk. Although it was day light, the windows were all shut and well sealed from the light by blinds and curtains.

The Ghost in the Barrack Ghost Story

After getting settled under the covers, he heard someone out in the hallway walk army ghost story up to the door and then open it and walk inside. He was a little angry and surprised because he was sure he had locked that door. At the time he thought that perhaps someone had mistakenly entered the wrong room and would notice the mistake and leave. But whoever it was walked to the middle of the room, stopped, and then suddenly rush over to my brother’s bed, grabbed him and try to throw him out. Instinctively my brother pushed the intruder away. As he did he felt this person’s curly hair. Despite the room being very dark, my brother sensed this individual had dark curly hair. Was this a ghost in the barracks?

When he gathered himself, my brother looked up and around and the apparition or whatever it was had vanished. He quickly got out of bed and turned on the light and noticed the room completely empty and everything looked normal. He also noticed that the door was locked.

He went in to work that night and said to his coworkers, “Guess what happen to me in the barracks room this morning?” The other worker paused until one of them spoke up and replied, “I know, a ghost tried to throw you out of the bed. Right?” “Yeah,” said my brother. “How did you know that?” His coworker answered, “Now you know why you got that room all to yourself.” My brother came to learn that other soldiers assigned to that room had the same experience.  It seemed that the barracks was a building used by the German army as a field hospital in World War I. When the U.S. Army took over and establish a base there after WWII, military personnel reported paranormal and ghostly activity in the buildings and adjacent areas. One member reported waking up and seeing a man in German World War I uniform sitting on the edge of his bed looking at him before disappearing. Another man was able to see more clearly the entity that tried to throw him out of his bunk, and described it as a man dressed in German WWI uniform. One other soldier while in the barracks room heard a loud commotion out in the hallway. When looking out he said he saw a group of German WWII soldiers running down the hall with rifles as if responding to an emergency before fading away in the distance.

Is my ghost story real you ask?

The credibility of this story derives from the fact that I know well my brother. He never told me any story like this before and is not one to lie or joke around. He graduated from a university and served six (6) years honorably in the Army including reserve time. He currently works for the U.S. Federal Government in Los Angeles. While requesting to remain anonymous he gave me his blessing to tell the story to others and I know the experience he said he had really happen, whatever it was that happened. He is of a sound mind, has no history of hallucinations and was given a top secret clearance, a clearance the government would never issue to questionable or untrustworthy persons nor to those with mental issues or criminal backgrounds. My brother has a clean personal record. I am retired U.S. Navy. Personally I never had any paranormal experiences but during my early years in service while on a Western Pacific cruise another seaman from Kentucky told me in a mater a fact manner that during his mid-watch (midnight) he was in conversation with two other sailors. After a bit the sailors disappeared right in front of him. This bothered him and he began seeing the ship’s psychologist or an officer working in that capacity. He got so bad mentally that he ended up receiving an early discharge. Before the incident he had plans to make the Navy a career.  The ship we were on was the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. In the late 1960s the ship had an accident on the flight deck off the coast of Hawaii when a bomb exploded up there, killing many flight deck personnel.

haunted yellow stone

Yellowstone National Park Ghost Sightings

Greetings Tim and Crew!  Love your work.  I was a skeptic of the paranormal until my paranormal experience at Yellowstone National Park.  Here’s my ghost story and it is absolutely real.

My Yellowstone National Park Ghost Sighting

I worked as a surveyor in SW Montana near Yellowstone Park and had a job beside the Yellowstone River in the Upper Yellowstone Valley and I believe this to be one of the most haunted locations that I have ever been to.  One day as I was walking along a river side channel, I stepped on a half-submerged log and a large trout swam out from beneath it.  All of a sudden, the light and air around me seemed crisper.  I looked down and found a large rectangular stone about 50 lbs in weight with a red ocher design painted on it.  It was the most formidable Native American artifact I had ever seen!  It looked like it had been placed near a small river tributary which had long since dried up.  I picked it up, put it in the truck and took it home.

My apartment was in a basement and I placed the stone on a platform built to cover the water meter and line in my living room.  On the night of a total eclipse of the moon, I was working in the adjacent room, my office.  The instant the eclipse happened, my room was filled with small tapping noises, all coming from different places.  I thought it might have been mice frightened by the eclipse, so I discounted the noises.  In a few minutes, the tapping ceased in that room but started up in the living

yellowstone ghost sighting
A rendering of a Yellowstone Ghost

room.  Curious, I got up again and went in.  When I did, the noise somehow translated to a faint growling or grinding sound which I  understood to be coming from behind the stone!  As I stood there in disbelief, the growling became louder and louder and began to sound like rock being crushed.  I was frightened.  The sound became louder and louder until I thought something was going to burst into the room from behind the rock.  I panicked and the only thing I could think of was to remove the stone and place it face down immediately.  When I did this the noise stopped instantly.

Several months later, that winter, I was working in a very remote hill region near Round-Up, Montana.  My partner, Dave, and I were setting a corner down in a snowy, tree-filled hollow.  The temperature was around zero and the air was so cold the air glittered with sparkling ice crystals.  The snow was very deep.  As we were working, I glanced up a hillside and spotted someone coming down toward us.  I showed Dave and he looked at him through a binocular.  He said the guy only had a shirt, hat and pants on, he wasn’t properly dressed at all.  When the fellow arrived at where we were working, I couldn’t look him in the eye for some reason and Dave carried the conversation with him.  It was all very vague and his answers were odd.  Dave told him we wanted to take him out of there and the guy agreed saying he had a place up on the ridge above us.  He asked if he could ride with me, climbed on and put his arms around my waist!

When we got to the ridge, the guy said he’d get off because he lived just around the bend.  There weren’t supposed to be any houses in this area but we didn’t argue with him.  In the time it took us to whip the ATVs around, he had vanished without a trace.  As we drove back down to the hollow, I looked toward the direction the guy had taken to come down to see us but there were no tracks!  When I recalled seeing him approach us, he just sort of floated to us and my brain couldn’t process that at the time.  That must have been why I couldn’t look him in the eye.

Anyway, I had many more bizarre events transpire while I had the stone so I contacted a Native American woman I knew and asked her about it.  She contacted several medicine men but none of them wanted anything to do with stone.  She said they told her it was a spirit stone, a manitou, and it is very sacred.  I finally just left it on her steps.  My life has never been the same since, one misfortune after another.  I even met a little man, who, if he wasn’t the devil himself, he was one of his close personal friends.  That encounter lasted for several months, was truly strange but it’s another story all together.  I survived his spiritual attack upon me so I must be doing something right!

ouija board demon zozo

Violent ZoZo Ouija Demon Attack Real Story

One night me, my wife Felicia, and her friend Shannon decided to go to some mansion ruins in Cartersville GA zozo ouija demon attack where we lived at the time. It had been storming like crazy till we got to the mansion ruins, and everything calmed down which was very eerie. We started by doing a basic EVP session didn’t get a whole lot of action on it. So we decided to bring out the ouija board(being that my wife is pregnant I don’t let her use the ouija right now). Shannon and I started the session by laying out the rules, then we asked ” Is there anyone here that wishes to communicate?” It took a minute, but the planchette slid to yes. I got a little excited until we asked ” Are you a human spirit?” This time the response was rather quick and was a definite NO. At that moment I knew we were dealing with something dark. The energy in the place changed in a blink. I felt very uneasy and like something was watching me. We preceded to ask ” What is your name?!” The planchette started moving strange and went down to “6”. I said rather firmly “Tell us your name!!” The planchette went crazy then went to Z then O from there it went very rapidly ZOZOZOZO etc. My wife not being a big believer started taunting. I got pretty frustrated with her,and told her not to, but she didn’t listen. As the session went on I began feeling very nauseous and dizzy.

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Ghost Driver

To give you some background I am a 29 year old male and live in England this happen to me when I was about 18 I had recently broke my leg I was no longer in a cast but I was still using crutches this will become important later in the story.

A mate of mine was sleeping over at my house. So we ended up staying up late watching TV playing on my PS2 things like that.
Anyway it was about 3 a.m. when we decided to go down to the local 24 hour petrol station (That’s what we call Gas Stations in England) to get some cigarettes and snacks. The petrol station was about half a mile away and to get to the station you had to walk along a cycle path that was right next to the main road and you had to go down hill to get there and up hill to get back.

Anyway we were about halfway there when suddenly we both felt something was wrong as we noticed a car ghost drives car coming very slowly down the hill towards us. Everything about the car was weird It was an old 70s looking American car a Chevrolet or Chrysler or something like that seeing a car like that is very unusual where I live, the car was all black and it had no lights on and no licence plates and all the windows were open then it slowed down to a snail’s pace as it past us as if it was checking us out.

And this is where it gets really creepy as it slowed right past us and we could see straight into the car but we could not see any people in it at all and there was no internal lighting but It was a very bright night with a full moon and there were street lights all down that stretch of road so we should have at least been able to been able to see something with the windows being down but nothing just darkness.

Then suddenly the car flew off down the hill very high speed as it turned around at the roundabout at the bottom of the hill and came haring like a bat out of hell straight towards us. We had nowhere to run because you could only go up or down the hill and at the side of the path were tall thick thorny bushes and I was still hobbling on one leg with crutches so we were pretty much trapped.

In pure panic we jumped as fast as we could into the thorny bushes cutting ourselves something nasty as were hiding in the bushes the car slowed right down again it looked like they where looking for us. At this point we were so scared as the car hung around for a few more seconds then it drove back up the hill.

We waited a couple of minutes in the bush before we dared to come out needless to say we went straight home as fast as we could with me on crutches I don’t know what or who was in that car quite frankly I don’t think I want too!


ghost scream caught on camera

Real Ghost Encounter: Ghost Screams

I had had a lot of paranormal encounters in my life, but the one that will always be fresh within my mind would be for first experience that happened in my second home.

It first happened when I was twelve, I lived with my great grandmother and my uncle. Well, it was around the evening, dinner was being made, and I was walking down the hallway from the bathroom when I heard the most blood-chilling screams, ” Help me! Help me!”

Thinking it was Grandma, I ran to the back, where I thought I heard the screams, and opened the door only to find her fast asleep. Still concerned, I gently woke her up an asked,” Grandma, did you scream for help?”

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