Demon House History and Paranormal Evidence

We were contacted to perform an investigation of a private residence, which is being referred to as the Demon House due to the dark energy that has been experienced by numerous tenants in the building.  The dark energy has been so bad that it has caused many tenants to abandon their possessions in the house.  The current owners have been trying to renovate the property however they are now being attacked by unseen forces.  Tim Wood performed a 12-hour investigation in the home alone to access the paranormal activity and was shocked by the numerous paranormal events that ensued during the night.

Demon House History

For privacy reasons, we are unable to disclose the whereabouts of this location. However we can say that the house resides next to numerous well known haunted locations, and also lies between two structures that date as far back as the 1700s.  The house was built in the early 1900s by a Mormon minister and also rested on an orchard.  It is unclear at this time whether or not there was a previous structure on the land.  However there numerous documents that show that native Americans inhabited the lands the home now rests on. Once we get more information that we can verify we will post updates accordingly.


The following EVPs were captured during the first night of paranormal investigation using a Panasonic RR-DR60.  Tim was the only one in the house during the capture of the EVPs and there were no phones, TVs, or radios that were on, as the home was completely void of electronics.  Please leave a comment below and tell us what you hear!


Demon House Paranormal Investigation Videos



Welcome to the Hell House – A Real Portal to Hell

History of the Hell House

Tim Wood,  investigated the Hell House for paranormal activity in October 2017.  The homeowner had contacted me to investigate the house due to the numerous paranormal experiences that she had in the home growing up, and the constant negative activity that the home always seemed to attract.  The current owner recounts hearing weird noises in the house that and seeing a dark shadow figure that would manifest in the master bedroom.  Eventually the paranormal activity in the home became so traumatic that they ended up sealing the master bedroom from the rest of the house.  Afraid from past experiences the current homeowner had not visited the house since she had moved out, and it was remodeled and rented out to future tenants.  Oddly enough when I had entered the home the master bedroom had a padlock that recently put on.  Was this put on due to the most recent tenant experiencing paranormal activity?  I had tried to talk to the past tenant, however he was unwilling to talk to us because he was evicted for damage to the house and unpaid rent.  Many of the neighbors in the area described the past tenant as a normal man when he first moved in, however after living the house for several months they started to notice that he started to act stranger and stranger.  Many people including the owner believe that the house drove him mad.

Cursed Land?

The house is located in Northern California and is referred by locals as the Hell House. The house is on large lot and is currently situated on a 1/3rd of acre, but is only a 1 bedroom house. Not much is known about the land, however it is speculated that the Ohlone Indians, and Spanish Missionaries could of have occupied the land in the early 1800’s. The house is only 80 years old but has been the site of numerous deaths, tragedies, and satanic rituals. Not much is known about the satanic rituals, but since the past tenant had moved out the homeowner believes the paranormal activity in the home even more violent.  Most of the rituals were conducted in the master bedroom, and in the closet.  The bedroom was painted black and even the windows that looked out on to the street from the bedroom were covered by boards. Upside down crosses, candle drippings, sulfer, and a church of satan poster were also left by the past tenant.

Claims of paranormal activity

  • Shadow Figures
  • Disembodied Voices
  • Poltergeist Activity (objects moving)
  • Violent Physical Attacks
  • Demonic Possession
  • Walls Bleeding
  • Strange light phenomena in and outside of the house
Paranormal Investigation

The lived in the Hell House for 24 hours for 30 days.  We set up numerous cameras and conducted numerous experiments in order to make a connection with dark energy that was reported to lurk in the house.  We were able to capture some EVPs in the home however we unable to establish intelligent communication with the energy in the home.  We discovered that most of the activity in the home that was believed to be paranormal, was due to natural causes from the surrounding environment, and the intelligent contact that we did get was from the Ouija Demon ZoZo which was from a haunted ouija board that we had introduced into the location as an experiment.

Hell House Paranormal Investigation Videos

Demon Possession – Falling into the Darkness

I was always told that using Ouija alone is extremely dangerous, and can result in demon possession. Although I have been attacked by a demonic entity before I was unable to be provide solid visual or audio documentation of the attack, hence the main reason why I continued to experiment with the Ouija Board. I have found that as I continue to try to contact the same entity over and over the responses that I am document become more clear and even more violent in nature.  However in the demon possession video below I continued to use it which resulted in the demonic possession.

I know there are many skeptics out there that believe that the spirit board responses are nothing more than the ideomotor effect, but how can that explain for the “class A” evps that are captured via the voice recorder.   During this session and many others have been able to document clear, intelligent, evps using the Panasonic RR-DR60.  The demonic responses on the recorder clearly say the name “ZoZo” when I ask who is here, or what its name is.

What does it feel like to be possessed by a demon?

“demonic possession falling into the darkness” -tim wood livescifi

I am sure that anyone who has been possessed by a demon will have a different answer, but I will give my own. The first time I was possessed by demon was in 2008 during a demonic private home case in Antioch CA.  I remember falling into a trance-like state on the spirit board. As I watched the candle flickered, I suddenly felt a hot, electricity feeling, that circulated from toes to all the way up to head. I then felt myself falling into a black hole whose only opening was getting smaller and smaller. Control of myself seemed to be slipping away into the darkness and that was what scared me the most. At the same time thought I felt like I knew everything that was going on around me, and what was going to happen.

During the ouija session the other investigator asked questions, which unbeknownst to me I answered during the the demon possession.  At some point I knew I had to break myself of what was going on and I was able to pull myself out of it, by remembering an early childhood event. I do not recommend anyone trying to conjure or summon a demon as it is extremely dangerous.

Demon Possession Video

The demon possession video is an edited (condensed) version of the ouija board session that did not go well and of subsequent evps that were captured during the event. I highly advise everyone to heed the warning of not playing the Ouija Board alone, and not to attempt to contact the demon known as ZoZo.

Real Demon Possession Caught on Video

Beware of the closet game. Demon Possession can occur.

The closet game is a game that is used to summon a demon, and can result in a possible demon possession played in a haunted location that has negative energy attached to it.  Tim played that closet game in the Sallie House he suddenly became partially possessed by the demon ZoZo. The closet in the master bedroom of the Sallie House is believed by many psychics to be a gateway or portal that provides a connection to the house to demonic activity. The origins of the closet game are unknown and it originated on the dark web as a creepypasta.

The main purpose of the closet game is to summon an demonic entity in the closet. Like most rituals old and new, they all rely on the power of intent to summon the intent.  However when doing this ritual in a already known demonic location the end result can become extremely dangerous to the participants.  In this video, you will see the scary turn of events that happened after playing the closet game while at the Sallie House.

ZoZo the Ouija Board Demon is extremely dangerous.  Since 2008 when Tim initially came into contact with the ZoZo demon during an investigation of the Stanley Hotel, he has never been able to get rid of the demon.  It seems as though whenever Tim even mentions the name “ZoZo”, the entity is able to communicate through the Ouija board, and also through EVP.  This seems to be the case with other paranormal researchers and Ouija board enthusiasts as well.  ZoZo the demon is not that easy to get rid of.

ZoZo or Beelzebub?

So was it ZoZo that came through the Ouija board during this session, or another entity that was posing as him at the Sallie House? In 2012, Tim repeatedly captured evidence of an entity claiming to be the demon Beelzebub in the Sallie House. Could ZoZo be just another manifestation of Beelzebub?



Ever since people have started using phones, people have reported receiving unexplained phone calls from the dead. Many paranormal researchers believe that ghosts, and other spiritual energy can manipulate recorders and other electronic equipment to form EVP. Frank Sumption was one of the most notorious ITC researchers in present day who developed the Franks Box aka “The telephone for the dead”. Frank supposedly received messages from beyond that instructed him on the schematics of the device he was to build, in order to properly communicate with the otherside. Another device similar to Franks Box that is used as an ITC device is the Ovilius, which was created by Bill Chapel. But is it possible for people instead of receiving calls to the dead to place a phone with them? In 2012 while I was at the Sallie House, I received an scary phone call that went my voice machine, which contained 2 mins of EVPS. Below is the video.

Scariest Phone Call Video

A Disturbing Phone Call and Horrible Events that Followed

Many urban legends and creepypasta rituals have recently surfaced that involve the player(s) to place phone calls with dead or the devil. Some these include calling 666-

666-6666, or by using apps to conduct the MoMo demon. Being the skeptic that I am I decided to to call the phone during the live show to see if anything would happen. I dialed the phone number numerous times but the phone number never worked. After trying numerous times I gave up, about 5 minutes later though I received disturbing phone calls from the phone number. I could not make out what was being said, as the voice was garbled. The following day after trying this experiment I opened my door to leave for work and discovered that my next door neighbor in my apartment had committed suicide. While I don’t believe the two are connected I do find it really strange regarding the timing. About 2 years later I decided to dial the phone number again, and had no luck with anyone picking up the phone. However I did receive a call back from the number, with the same garbled voice. The next day I discovered that my neighbor and her sister had died in horrible car wreck while leaving a cemetery. By calling 666-666-6666, did the devil call me back?

Calling 666-666-6666 Videos