Welcome to the Hell House – A Real Portal to Hell

History of the Hell House

Tim Wood,  investigated the Hell House for paranormal activity in October 2017.  The homeowner had contacted me to investigate the house due to the numerous paranormal experiences that she had in the home growing up, and the constant negative activity that the home always seemed to attract.  The current owner recounts hearing weird noises in the house that and seeing a dark shadow figure that would manifest in the master bedroom.  Eventually the paranormal activity in the home became so traumatic that they ended up sealing the master bedroom from the rest of the house.  Afraid from past experiences the current homeowner had not visited the house since she had moved out, and it was remodeled and rented out to future tenants.  Oddly enough when I had entered the home the master bedroom had a padlock that recently put on.  Was this put on due to the most recent tenant experiencing paranormal activity?  I had tried to talk to the past tenant, however he was unwilling to talk to us because he was evicted for damage to the house and unpaid rent.  Many of the neighbors in the area described the past tenant as a normal man when he first moved in, however after living the house for several months they started to notice that he started to act stranger and stranger.  Many people including the owner believe that the house drove him mad.

Cursed Land?

The house is located in Northern California and is referred by locals as the Hell House. The house is on large lot and is currently situated on a 1/3rd of acre, but is only a 1 bedroom house. Not much is known about the land, however it is speculated that the Ohlone Indians, and Spanish Missionaries could of have occupied the land in the early 1800’s. The house is only 80 years old but has been the site of numerous deaths, tragedies, and satanic rituals. Not much is known about the satanic rituals, but since the past tenant had moved out the homeowner believes the paranormal activity in the home even more violent.  Most of the rituals were conducted in the master bedroom, and in the closet.  The bedroom was painted black and even the windows that looked out on to the street from the bedroom were covered by boards. Upside down crosses, candle drippings, sulfer, and a church of satan poster were also left by the past tenant.

Claims of paranormal activity

  • Shadow Figures
  • Disembodied Voices
  • Poltergeist Activity (objects moving)
  • Violent Physical Attacks
  • Demonic Possession
  • Walls Bleeding
  • Strange light phenomena in and outside of the house
Paranormal Investigation

The livescifi.tv lived in the Hell House for 24 hours for 30 days.  We set up numerous cameras and conducted numerous experiments in order to make a connection with dark energy that was reported to lurk in the house.  We were able to capture some EVPs in the home however we unable to establish intelligent communication with the energy in the home.  We discovered that most of the activity in the home that was believed to be paranormal, was due to natural causes from the surrounding environment, and the intelligent contact that we did get was from the Ouija Demon ZoZo which was from a haunted ouija board that we had introduced into the location as an experiment.

Hell House Paranormal Investigation Videos