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Over the past seven years, we have tested and used various ghost hunting apps at numerous haunted locations.  Some of these ghost-hunting apps claim to detect paranormal activity by using the phone’s magnetometer, and other sensors. With paranormal investigation equipment becoming more and more expensive every year and the cost of haunted locations going up, the tantalizing prices of $10 and below for a ghost-hunting app is enough to sway any person who is interested in the paranormal. But do these ghost-hunting apps work as they claim to, or are they fake?

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Fake Paranormal Ghost Hunting Apps

Let’s start with FAKE ghost hunting apps.  One of the essential rules when conducting a paranormal investigation is that you need to understand how your equipment works so that you can validate changes in your environment.

In the above video, you can see that I used Ghost Radar for a portion of my investigation at the Sallie House, and this was a huge mistake, and I am the first to admit this. Although I thought I was getting responses from the environment, I wasn’t. It turns out the reactions are pre-loaded by the app maker, and the app does not use the magnetometer as the app maker claims.

According to the app maker, “Ghost Radar measures and analyzes small fluctuations in the Quantum Fluctuations around your iPhone or iPod touch. When the radar first starts it will be susceptible to the noise in your environment perhaps giving false readings. After several minutes of self-adjustment, the radar will learn how to filter out the noise.

The longer the radar is allowed to run the more sensitive it becomes to anomalous readings. What those readings mean and how you interpret them is up for debate. The theory of what is happening is that intelligent energy can be made aware of its ability to influence the sensors of the iPhone and iPod touch. Much like the theory behind anomalous readings of a K-II meter. Try asking entities to interact with Ghost Radar.”  Does anyone actually know what Quantum Fluctuations are? ..LOL.

Some of the other ghost-hunting apps that are fake paranormal apps are GB-Rift, Vocibus, Spirit Vox, Steve Huff portal apps. Researchers have found that these fake paranormal apps use pre-loaded sound banks, phrases, and words, from internet paranormal radio stations, and youtube channels and are looped.

When we tested the GB-Rift we were shocked at how many times it said the same phrases over and over again, some of these words included the words, “DRACULA” “DEMON” “HUFF”.

Best Ghost Hunting Apps

A paranormal app worthy of mention is Digital Dowsings’  ” iOvilius”- Designed by Digital Dowsing,  its big brother, the Ovilius, and has been used on numerous TV shows such as Ghost Adventures, and Paranormal State.  The app works the same as the Ovilius however it is much cheaper. For those that aren’t familiar with how Ovilius works, the app assigns a word based upon emf changes around the app.  I prefer to use the app rather than the Ovilus because the phone speaker is much louder, and the app has more options such as being able to email logs from the sessions.- Price $2.99 Available for iPhone / droid/google os.

Best Cam/Audio App – Digital Dowsings’ MagCAM -Also designed by Digital Dowsing, the app monitors emf fields around the phone, and when a change is detected, it snaps a photo using the phone’s camera.   The device’s interface is pretty intuitive and easy to use; the only downside is that the app consumes the life of the phone like no other which makes it hard to run at a location overnight.  We used it at the Sallie House and caught some pretty interesting things, but nothing was conclusive.
-Price $3.99 Available for  iPhone / Android / Google os

Should I use a Ghost Hunting App on a Paranormal Investigation?

In conclusion, I would be cautious about any paranormal equipment you use on an investigation.  It is essential for the investigator to fully understand how it works, and when to use it.  If you want to use an app on a paranormal investigation I would only use the app to supplement any paranormal evidence that you may have already found.  App coders, unfortunately, can code any script in an app to invalidate any findings and hard work that you may put into an investigation. So use your best judgment and maybe stick to a real ouija board.

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